The California Appellate Law Group LLP, a high-end appellate specialty boutique law firm with offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego, is changing its name and launching a new website at a new address — but keeping its acronym, CALG.

After a decade of success that has seen the firm expand from 3 to 20 attorneys, adding former Akin Gump National Supreme Court and Appellate Practice Co-Chair Rex Heinke and former U.S. Supreme Court clerk Anna-Rose Mathieson, among other recognized appellate experts, in July 2022 the firm renamed itself the Complex Appellate Litigation Group LLP. CALG’s new website appears at

“Since opening in 2012, our firm has developed a reputation as one of the most talented and experienced appellate boutiques on the West Coast,” said Ben Feuer, the firm’s co-founder and chairman. “We couldn’t be more thrilled by that, and we believe this change will better signal the sophisticated, high-stakes nature of the appellate matters on which we focus our practice.”

“We have also been asked more and more in recent years to take on work across the nation for some of the country’s most valuable businesses, as well as individuals and organizations in other federal circuits and states that have heard about our attorneys’ skillsets,” Feuer explained.

“Many of our lawyers have significant experience with federal and state appellate work outside of California, and as we look to the decades ahead, we believe this change will better allow us to serve the needs of our current and future clients, wherever they may be,” he added. The firm is in talks and hopes to open its first office outside California later this year.

But it isn’t losing focus on the Golden State either, recently adding bankruptcy appellate specialist Reno Fernandez to its San Francisco office. The U.S. Supreme Court granted a petition for certiorari authored by Reno earlier this summer, and CALG has been retained to represent the petitioner in the Supreme Court.

“Our firm’s success has exceeded our wildest expectations,” Feuer said, “and we are excited about the future.” The firm’s unusual model, he explained, compensates attorneys as a percentage of billings rather than a fixed salary, and has allowed CALG to court top talent while avoiding many of the pitfalls of other specialty practices. “Our unique structure is built from the ground up to give our lawyers control over their practices and lives, while still giving them the opportunity to take on interesting, engaging, and important appellate work in an environment where they are valued and supported.”

That approach seems to be working, according to Feuer. “We are always on the lookout for experienced, talented appellate lawyers interested in joining a practice like ours.”

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