CALG writs specialist Pablo Drobny, aided by Robert A. Roth and Charles Kagay, successfully obtained an alternative writ from the California Court of Appeal, First District. The CALG team persuaded the First District that the trial court had abused its discretion — a daunting standard to overcome — by increasing child custody for a parent who had been convicted of criminal domestic violence.

This writ was a complete win for the firm’s client, because the alternative writ caused the lower court to vacate its own prior ruling. The case is Capri v. Superior Court (Crawford), No. A160925.

The California Appellate Law Group* has more experience with appellate writs than any other law firm in California, with three attorneys who focus exclusively on appellate writ petitions. Learn more about our appellate writs practice by clicking here.

*In July 2022, the California Appellate Law Group was renamed the Complex Appellate Litigation Group.

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