CALG’s Ben FeuerKelly Woodruff, and Susan Yorke prevailed in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on behalf of their clients, a class of nearly a thousand Hawaii homeowners whose homes were wrongfully foreclosed on by Bank of America during the 2007 mortgage crisis. The CALG team, all of whom are former Ninth Circuit law clerks, convinced the court to vacate an order dismissing the homeowners’ complaint and remand for further proceedings. The ruling will give the homeowners a new opportunity to prove their allegation that the bank engaged in unlawful practices to reduce competition at foreclosure sales so that it could buy homes at depressed prices and resell them for a larger profit.

You can read the memorandum disposition in Degamo et al. v. Bank of America N.A. by clicking here. Susan Yorke argued the appeal, which you can watch by clicking here.