Petitions and Briefs in Supreme Courts

Few boutiques have the kind of clerkship experience we have in both the United States and California Supreme Courts.

Supreme Courts approach their work differently than lower appellate courts

Supreme courts, unlike lower appellate courts, are policy-focused tribunals. They generally have discretion over their caseload and focus on issues that have led to conflicts among courts below or that will create important precedent affecting a large number of people.

Our lawyers have worked in both the U.S. Supreme Court and the California Supreme Court, and have the kind of behind-the-scenes knowledge that can come from nowhere else. They know what the justices are looking for when choosing cases, the kinds of arguments and approaches the different justices are most receptive to when evaluating the merits, and the strategies and personalities litigants need to carefully navigate to have their best shot at winning.

An insider’s eye for what works and what doesn’t in supreme courts

We have former clerks on both the U.S. and California Supreme Courts, and they write petitions and briefs with a perspective from the other side of the bench.

A different approach than lower court appellate briefs

Most lower or intermediate-level appellate courts are “error-correcting” courts — most of the time, they are there to fix mistakes. Supreme courts, on the other hand, are frequently “policy-making” courts, because any new precedent they write will have significant policy impacts.

Lawyers who get noticed

Our lawyers are prominent members of the appellate bar and former clerks on Supreme Courts, so when our names appear on briefs, they tend to get noticed.

Examples of Supreme Court briefs and petitions we’ve written

We focus on the special considerations supreme courts care about. Here’s what that looks like.

California Supreme Court Villanueva et al. v. Fidelity National Title Co.

Answer Brief

See Brief
U.S. Supreme Court Martins Beach 1 LLC, et al. v. Surfrider Foundation

Brief in Opposition to Certiorari

See Brief
California Supreme Court Dyna, LLC v. Greatcall, Inc.

Petition for Review

See Brief

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Sometimes, you can tell which way an appeal will resolve as early as oral argument. If not, you’ll know when you get the decision. The timeframes for petitions for certiorari and review are very short, so the sooner you reach out, the more time we’ll have to craft the strongest possible brief. And if you are already before a Supreme Court, the earlier you bring on our specialists the more effective they can be.

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