Litigation Consulting

Having an outside appellate lawyer on your high-stakes litigation team can be a game-changer.

The benefits of our litigation consulting can be dramatic

We don’t appear in the trial courts, but rather operate behind the scenes to help litigators and trial lawyers win the first time — presenting arguments with clarity and brevity, and ensuring cases are as strong as they can be for an eventual appeal.

We'll help you avoid mistakes that can ruin your chances of success on appeal

High-stakes litigation today is hard, with a lot happening in many directions at once. Bringing an appellate lawyer into your case early on can help ensure you’re best positioned for any future appeal.

We'll help you win the first time

It’s always best to win in the trial court. An appellate lawyer trained to think deeply and carefully about legal issues and employ advanced writing techniques can make a significant difference to your chances of success — while helping you prepare the record for an appeal, whichever side of the appeal you’re on.

We can be your secret weapon at trial

We’ll help you think through your strategies and help draft motions, proposed rulings, jury instructions, and anything else that comes up. Many of our most sophisticated clients know the benefit we can bring consulting at trial — don’t miss out.

Articles we’ve published with advice for trial lawyers

Anything that can go wrong in a trial, we’ve seen go wrong in a trial — trial court errors are the basis for every appeal. Our lawyers have published articles to help trial lawyers avoid some of those pitfalls, take advantage of mistakes their opponents make, and protect their records for appeal.

Let's talk about how we can help you now, so we can better help you later.

Some trial litigators bring us in as early as the first dispositive motion in the case. Others bring us in for summary judgment or as appellate support during trial. The earlier we’re embedded, the more help we can give and the better record we can help you prepare for appeal.

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