Decades spent working with the justices of the California Supreme Court

The California Supreme Court’s sweeping authority governs the rights and responsibilities of nearly 40 million California residents, as well as millions of businesses and interest groups. We have lawyers who clerked as chambers attorneys for nearly a half-dozen of the court’s justices — and did it for decades. That gives us unique insight into how that court functions, and how to reach not just the justices, but also the clerks who help them choose the cases to hear and advise them how they should come out.

Examples of our work in the California Supreme Court

Reaching the justices of the California Supreme Court means understanding their process for deciding cases and what they really care about.

California Supreme Court Villanueva et al. v. Fidelity National Title Co.

Answer Brief

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California Supreme Court Hooked Media Group, Inc. v. Apple, Inc.

Answer to Petition for Review

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California Supreme Court Sandoval v. Qualcomm, Inc.

Amici Curiae Brief (U.S. Chamber of Commerce, American Property & Casualty Insurance Association, and Civil Justice Association of California)

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If you might need to petition for review to the California Supreme Court, there may be steps you can take right after the Court of Appeal issues an opinion that can help your chances. If your petition for review has been granted, few practitioners if any know as much as we do about how the court operates. And if you have something to say in an amicus brief, our lawyers’ reputations can help get your brief noticed. Contact us as early as you can.

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